Remnants of Crumbling Empires

by Halberd

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Joecriv War metal done right. And I'm not talking in the gleeful Bestial Warlust sense, this album embodies the fury, chaos and despair of the battles that it invokes. The horrific events of the Boer War, brutal horrors of century old pogroms, the terror of the Russian Revolution. This album's songs act as a dedication to the lost in each of these battles and an intense musical recreation of their very existence. Favorite track: Dead Horses Cavalry.
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Ur-Quan An amazing Death/Doom (emphasis on 'Death') album with a great old-school groove and a feeling of impending, inevitable and inhuman war machine closing in on you.
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Now available on CD on Black Plague Records (free shipping for the US)


released July 5, 2014

Alexandre Ferland: vocals, additional lyrics
Andrés Felipe Murillo: lead guitars, drum programming, additional vocals
Antoine Richard: lyrics, art direction
Charles Wong: guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming, songwriting

Cover art by Milan Novaković
Logo by Gabriel Richard-Brault

Mixed by Charles Wong
Mastered by Darren Heelis/Charles Wong

All songs written by Charles Wong
All songs produced by Halberd



all rights reserved


Halberd Montreal, Québec

International project with members from Canada, England and Colombia. The music is crushing & atmospheric doom/death with war history lyrics.

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Track Name: Northern Bloodletting
The gust of February's wind blew the tsar away
Jewels hidden under their clothes
Vast Siberia hides the Admiral’s mighty ambitions
Distressing period of bloody oaths

Workers and peasants united, glory to the Red Army!
Blood red, glitter on the white snow
Lenin and Trotsky united, glory to the Red Army!
Blood red, slippery slope of dementia

Will of fire, Will of frost
Incinerating years! Do you bring tidings of madness or of hope?

Spreading revolution, crushing all dissent, the Party attests it’s will
Kolchak’s body laid to rest like his sword at the bottom of the sea
Heavy casualties on both sides, troops falling prey to harsh conditions

Supply lines falling, the deceased admiral’s progress halted
Communism holds sway over half-forgotten martyrs

Drought, death, and desolation, what’s the price of revolution?
Glory to the Red Army!!!!
Ruthless propaganda dealt the decisive blow

The whites blood running through cruel snow
The red army brings forth an uncertain future

Ukrainian Pogrom waves! Proskurov's vicious massacre, slavic blood!
Petliura, antijew militarist, killed by the NKVD
Jewish support to the Red Army despite differences, atheism versus piety!
Together against the White pogromists!
Revolution rhymes with annihilation!
Track Name: Barghash's Poison
The Sultan is dead, the crown is to be seized
Coup d'état poisoned by his nephew
The Ultimatum was given, Soothsayers were heard
Casus Belli! Be pro British or perish!
Slaves and soldiers united to protect the usurper
9:00 : the cruisers are firing, the palace is ablazed
Artillery and royal yacht destroyed!

500 dead to make a puppet state
500 dead for the glory of the Empire
Barghash's poison had immediate consequences
Barghash's poison in the sultan's veins

Cease fire at 9:40
The usurper flew away to German Africa
Political asylum before his exile
He tried to befriend the Queen but to no avail
His harem was destroyed by the artillery hail

40 minutes of war, 500 dead
500 dead to make a puppet state
Barghash's poison in the corpse of colonialism
500 dead for the glory of the Empire

End of the sultunate, end of the sovereignty
Khalid Bin Barghash ! Khalid Bin Barghash
Island in the Indian sea, the water is rising, the tide is changing
HMS Thrush and Sparrow anchored in the harbour, ready to fire

500 dead to make a puppet state
500 dead for the glory of the Empire
Barghash's poison had immediate consequences
Barghash's poison in the sultan's veins

Social progress, abolition of slavery
Effectiveness of the navy bringing honor
Culture control ! Teaching of the White ways
British poison into Barghash's veins
Track Name: Ignorance of Morbidity
Orphans in the streets, Naked Without A life
His dreams severed, mutilated. He's going adrift towards hatred
Drawing carricatural portraits of what's to come

Somme, Dresden! Verdun, Marnes!
Iron Cross of Trauma Bleeding in the trenches, blood on his bayonet Vivefeldwebel!

Indifference and Affliction
Humaness is selfish towards the survivors
They're left to die, Left to rot alone Death walks this battlefield
It waits
If not though tattered limbs Through infection and insanity
Dead Sentry in the Trenches, bayonet in his neck
Realism balanced, inclination to the fantastic

Berlin, Munich!
Dandyish Ignorance of Morbidity
Painted prostitutes, uncolored cripples
Mental Massacre of the Survivors
Falsche Republik!

Expressionist terror, the brush is a weapon
Traumatism of hell, livid corpses
Sulfur Mustard ! Mustard Massacre!

Versailles , Weimar!
Between the two bloodbaths, The despair is a wound
Crater full of flowers, pregnant with misery
A daily horror show courtesy of the Emperor,
The seven deadly sins, an allegorical fear of the Third Reich

(Outro, poem by Paul Eluard, a part of La Bénediction)

«Et le guerrier bardé de fer
Que l’on fait rôtir à la broche
Apprend l’amour et la musique.»
Track Name: Dead Horses Cavalry
«In days when men had joy of war, A god of battles sped each mortal jar»

From the remnants of the Empire, soldiers are delivered
Countrymen gathered in the cradle of humanity
Fighting for gold and diamonds!
Blood rivers on harsh land
Australian horse soldiers!

Whites versus whites on stolen lands
Roberts, Kitchener, the lords of devastation
Concentration camps, dark shadow before Auschwitz
Oppression from above, the Boers must rise up!

American mercenaries on both sides
Canadians divided under Laurier
Conquest of all colours under a pile of dead horses
LongTom Demolition, Irish Commandos attacking
The cavalry is riding.........dying
Pom-Pom guns are firing!

Bittereinders are exiled, no allegiance to England!
Isolation, dark shadow of the apartheid

Whites versus Whites
England must not lose, Europeans rivals are watching
The war was over since the beginning, Boer's might was vanquished
Under the trojan horse of colonialism, the eyes of the world are watching
Empires Shall crumble, only ashes will remain

Corpses line the battlefield
To a bitter horizon and beyond
Riddled with bullets for country
The gunfire a death knell for end times
Brave souls, they charged in
But found only despair
As the pale moon hold dominion
Only ash remains
Only ash remains