Dead Horses Cavalry

from by Halberd



Dead Horse Cavalry is about the Second Boer War (1899-1902). I always thought it was a peculiar war since it's opposing white people (the English and the dutch descendents) but it's located in South Africa. The enormous death toll for the horses (around 300,000) was an interesting imagery for the album art and a good way to demonstrate the gruesome reality of warfare. This conflict was also sort of a prelude to the First World War both for the type of war and the tactics used but the involvement of many countries (Canada, Australia...).


«In days when men had joy of war, A god of battles sped each mortal jar»

From the remnants of the Empire, soldiers are delivered
Countrymen gathered in the cradle of humanity
Fighting for gold and diamonds!
Blood rivers on harsh land
Australian horse soldiers!

Whites versus whites on stolen lands
Roberts, Kitchener, the lords of devastation
Concentration camps, dark shadow before Auschwitz
Oppression from above, the Boers must rise up!

American mercenaries on both sides
Canadians divided under Laurier
Conquest of all colours under a pile of dead horses
LongTom Demolition, Irish Commandos attacking
The cavalry is riding.........dying
Pom-Pom guns are firing!

Bittereinders are exiled, no allegiance to England!
Isolation, dark shadow of the apartheid

Whites versus Whites
England must not lose, Europeans rivals are watching
The war was over since the beginning, Boer's might was vanquished
Under the trojan horse of colonialism, the eyes of the world are watching
Empires Shall crumble, only ashes will remain

Corpses line the battlefield
To a bitter horizon and beyond
Riddled with bullets for country
The gunfire a death knell for end times
Brave souls, they charged in
But found only despair
As the pale moon hold dominion
Only ash remains
Only ash remains


from Remnants of Crumbling Empires, released July 5, 2014



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Halberd Montreal, Québec

International project with members from Canada, England and Colombia. The music is crushing & atmospheric doom/death with war history lyrics.

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