Ignorance of Morbidity

from by Halberd



Ignorance of Morbidity was influenced by the paintings and the life of Otto Dix. Describing the horrors of World War I and the transition to the Weimar Republic.



Orphans in the streets, Naked Without A life
His dreams severed, mutilated. He's going adrift towards hatred
Drawing carricatural portraits of what's to come

Somme, Dresden! Verdun, Marnes!
Iron Cross of Trauma Bleeding in the trenches, blood on his bayonet Vivefeldwebel!

Indifference and Affliction
Humaness is selfish towards the survivors
They're left to die, Left to rot alone Death walks this battlefield
It waits
If not though tattered limbs Through infection and insanity
Dead Sentry in the Trenches, bayonet in his neck
Realism balanced, inclination to the fantastic

Berlin, Munich!
Dandyish Ignorance of Morbidity
Painted prostitutes, uncolored cripples
Mental Massacre of the Survivors
Falsche Republik!

Expressionist terror, the brush is a weapon
Traumatism of hell, livid corpses
Sulfur Mustard ! Mustard Massacre!

Versailles , Weimar!
Between the two bloodbaths, The despair is a wound
Crater full of flowers, pregnant with misery
A daily horror show courtesy of the Emperor,
The seven deadly sins, an allegorical fear of the Third Reich

(Outro, poem by Paul Eluard, a part of La Bénediction)

«Et le guerrier bardé de fer
Que l’on fait rôtir à la broche
Apprend l’amour et la musique.»


from Remnants of Crumbling Empires, released July 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Halberd Montreal, Québec

International project with members from Canada, England and Colombia. The music is crushing & atmospheric doom/death with war history lyrics.

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