Northern Bloodletting

from by Halberd



Northern Bloodletting speaks of the Russian civil war (1917-1922) which started after the February Revolution. Nicolas II, the tsar, abdicated and the Bolchevik (the Red Army) forces led by Lenin and Trotsky managed to defeat the White forces (monarchist, anti communism) led by the admiral Alexander Kolchak. This admiral was defeated in Siberia hence the title of the song, it's a tragic and violent tale in which we can find good and evil on both sides



The gust of February's wind blew the tsar away
Jewels hidden under their clothes
Vast Siberia hides the Admiral’s mighty ambitions
Distressing period of bloody oaths

Workers and peasants united, glory to the Red Army!
Blood red, glitter on the white snow
Lenin and Trotsky united, glory to the Red Army!
Blood red, slippery slope of dementia

Will of fire, Will of frost
Incinerating years! Do you bring tidings of madness or of hope?

Spreading revolution, crushing all dissent, the Party attests it’s will
Kolchak’s body laid to rest like his sword at the bottom of the sea
Heavy casualties on both sides, troops falling prey to harsh conditions

Supply lines falling, the deceased admiral’s progress halted
Communism holds sway over half-forgotten martyrs

Drought, death, and desolation, what’s the price of revolution?
Glory to the Red Army!!!!
Ruthless propaganda dealt the decisive blow

The whites blood running through cruel snow
The red army brings forth an uncertain future

Ukrainian Pogrom waves! Proskurov's vicious massacre, slavic blood!
Petliura, antijew militarist, killed by the NKVD
Jewish support to the Red Army despite differences, atheism versus piety!
Together against the White pogromists!
Revolution rhymes with annihilation!


from Remnants of Crumbling Empires, released July 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Halberd Montreal, Québec

International project with members from Canada, England and Colombia. The music is crushing & atmospheric doom/death with war history lyrics.

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